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Minimum age: Happy Barberine: 10 years/ Barberine sportif: teenagers and adults

A canyon to fill up with action without ever getting stuck.


The canyon of Barberine offers a path that bypasses all the obstacles of the descent. It is very rare to take advantage of this asset, because in most canyons, the only way out is down… In the canyon of Barberine, you will have the opportunity to live imposing challenges with abseils, jumps, a super zip line and beautiful slides, knowing that if one of the participants finds a passage too impressive, He will be able to bypass without any problems and find the group immediately after to continue the descent. Don’t be stressed out!

Similarly, for jumps, there is a very wide basin where several steps allow to jump 2.3, 4 or 7 m high. Everyone chooses their jump height according to their abilities. 

Deux types de sorties pour deux profils différents : 

Happy Barberine : From 10 years old, with your OXO instructor you go with your family to share a beautiful adventure at the pace of children. Everyone can try to cross the waterfalls by abseiling, jumping, zip line or slide, with the option to bypass. Your instructor will easily suggest to a child (or parent…) not too confident arrangements to reduce the height of a jump, do only the easy half of the abseiling, approach the zip line smoothly… so that everyone can overcome their apprehensions and keep an unforgettable memory of this trip to the Mont Blanc valley.


Barberine sportif :

For groups of adults or young athletes, keeping the possibility of bypassing certain passages, it will be easier to find the difficulties: big jump, full speed tyro arrival “splash”, abseiling in the waterfall… We’re not just here to look at the landscape!


In two hours of descent, the river takes you from waterfall to waterfall with each time a new technique to use: we abseil a wall of 25 m, we jump in a beautiful open basin up to 7m high, we go down the tyro OXO and we take speed in the very fast slides of the lower part. It is a concentrate of action that takes place in a very beautiful alpine landscape. The river descends into a forest of majestic fir trees that open onto spectacular mountain landscapes. 



The Emosson dam, located upstream of the river, determines a constant flow of water. The drainage basin located downstream of the dam is quite modest and the river undergoes level variations that remain correct for canyoning, in case of rain. 
The instructors of OXO canyoning remain vigilant, despite this context, because the level rises anyway in case of rain and we will sometimes adapt some passages if the flow is too powerful, especially if there are children in the team. 
If you organize a stag or hen party, it is really reassuring to know that we will be able to go out even if the weather is not sunny. Anyway, wet for wet…
The Canyon de Barberine, located in the picturesque Haute-Savoie region, is an ideal place for team building events. Its unique topography offers a course that skilfully bypasses various natural obstacles, making this adventure an exceptional opportunity to strengthen team cohesion.
The canyon configuration allows participants to work together to overcome the challenges presented by waterfalls, abseiling and narrow passages. The resourceful path of overcoming obstacles encourages collaboration, communication and the development of trust between team members.


Abseiling along the towering rock faces offers thrilling moments requiring close coordination between participants. The winding sections of the canyon encourage collective decision-making, thus strengthening the bonds within the group.

In addition, jumps and natural slides add a playful dimension to the experience, promoting an environment conducive to relaxation and social interaction. The Canyon de Barberine offers a stimulating natural playground for teams looking to develop their team spirit while enjoying the natural beauty of the region. In short, the exploration of this canyon offers an immersive team building experience, highlighting individual and collective skills in a spectacular setting.



Wetsuits and neoprene socks are washed after each use with an environment friendly bactericide


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